Precious Stone.

Precious stone is created from sliced gemstones combined with epoxy. The combination of stones picked and the layout of its pattern is handcrafted by designers in the industry, thus rendering every slab a unique piece of art.

There are over 100 varieties of select and precious gems that enrich the Precious Stone collection. Amethyst, Quartz,Jasper and Agate are transformed into coverings of sheer class.

The natural precious stones cover most of the color spectrum, from bright blues, greens, and pinks, to darker earthen tones and are harvested from the ground. These stones, particularly the translucent varieties that can be lit-up from behind, create unique color effects and add original touches to a room.

This is a more exotic stone, which makes it more costly. Regular cleaning with warm water and mild soap are all you need to keep Precious stone looking lustrous. Precious stone has a natural, unique elegance to enhance rooms, counter tops, wall cladding, bars, murals, and vanities.

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