Imperial Marble & Granite is a custom fabricator. We work with full sized “slabs” of material. Every piece is custom-tailored specific to your need, minimizing the amount of seams and maximizing the beauty. We do nearly all of the “messy” fabrication work in our factory, with the exception of small on-site finishing work. You are quarantined professional results from the initial design through fabrication and final installation.

Most kitchen countertop installations will require at least one or more joints called seams. During layout and design, Imperial Marble & Granite will always try to minimize the number of seas required, and to locate seams in places, which make them les conspicuous. Finally, Imperial Marble & Granite installers are trained to color-match the joint filler material to enhance their appearance. Seams are created with a permanent, maintenance-free epoxy material, NOT like a tile grout in any way.

Maintenance of our stone surfaces is easy. For daily cleaning, a non-abrasive dishwashing liquid is recommended. Although our materials are very solid and nearly non-porous, spills left on the surfaces for an extended time period may leave some residual staining – even if sealed properly. Most stains usually dissipate over time on their own. If immediate removal is desired, a stain-lifting poultice powder can be used. Quartz surfaces such as Caesarstone and Zodiaq are “maintenance-free” and do not require sealing.

It’s hard to predict how our customers wil use their countertops, so Imperial Marble & Granite does not advise any preset “calendar” for re-sealing, but in general, once every year or two is sufficient. The frequency of re-sealing really depends of the type of material installed; light colors are more porous than darker ones. An easy rule of thumb is to closely monitor the area around the sink. If you begin to notice that water does not bead or soaks in the stone within 10-15 minutes than it’s probably time to reseal. Applying sealer is easy; you simply spray it on, let in soak in for a few minutes, and wipe it away with a clean towel. Quartz surfaces do not require any sealing.

Only if you want to ruin your good knives. Granite and quartz are especially hard. Harder than steel and will dull knives very quickly if you use the countertop as a cutting surface. Always cut and chop on a wooden or plastic cutting board.

Our stones are nearly impervious to typical kitchen cooking temperatures, though you may wish to avoid any risk of damage by using hot-pads or trivets. Quartz surfaces such as Caesarstone and zodiq are tolerant of heat up to about 300 degrees F.

You will always handpick the exact stone you want from our extensive inventory. Ceasarstone and Zodiaq, because they are very consistent in color and texture are ordered directly from the samples in our showroom.